In the Meantime is a space in which students can share their personal experiences at the art academy. We started In the Meantime because we experience the art school to be a rather competitive, isolating environment. We have recognized that other students feel the same way and started a collective exchange about how we can study and learn together in a more caring and supportive way.

Our shared vulnerability has become the starting point and core of the project. We want to listen to and learn from each other's experiences. In our workshops we practice self-help exercises and read theory together to reflect on and relate to our experiences and needs.

Our group currently consists of three students from HFBK Hamburg: Charlotte, Anna and Marie-Theres. Elisa is a former member of In The Meantime. We are supported by Megan and Claudia with the website and design.

So far we have worked with different formats, for example we created a temporary feminist library and organized digital workshops with guests. For next year we are planning a four-day long Camp (a kind of summer school), where we would like to deepen our exchange in a small group of students outside the art academy. Stay tuned …