We're currently planning a community weekend in Hohenlockstedt where a group of art and design students will reside and learn together. The Camp aims to create a space to collectively share feelings and experiences and think of ways that build self-organized care and support structures.

Beside forest walks and reading sessions, on the base of our experiences, there will be workshops and exercises dealing with the topic of vulnerability where we will listen and learn from each other in self-help formats. Together we will practice a collective knowledge production without anxiety and with low hierarchies.

Originally the Camp would have taken place in November however due to the recent developments relating to Covid-19 the Camp will now take place in Spring. We will announce the new date as soon as it is fixed.

Where will the Camp take place?

The Camp will take place inside the beautiful building M.1 Hohenlockstedt. It's situated one hour from Hamburg. Here we'll spend time together outside of art school and away from the restlessness of the city.

The building includes several exhibition rooms and working spaces, as well as apartments, where we can sleep. To get an idea of the atmosphere of the location, see the images on the right – here we will dwell and work together in this spacious accommodation.

There are good public transport connections (train and bus) which take about 1h 15 min from Hamburg Central Station. The bus stop is directly in front of M.1. We will send you the connection and more details via email.

What will we be learning and doing?

We want to invite you to join us for a long weekend centering on care and support, things we often do not take time for in our everyday life. There will be workshops with intersectional feminist perspectives on vulnerability, reading sessions, forest walks, cooking time, movie night, sewing banners, sleeping, self help sessions, taking breaks, cleaning together and learning with each other.

We prepared a schedule with two shorter workshop units a day as well as collective meals and some time in the outdoors. There will be free time slots to share your own knowledge, skills and interests with the group, if you would like to.

There is always the opportunity to skip parts of the program, if it doesn’t feel suitable for you. We are designing rooms to rest, retreat and where you can have some alone time, whenever you want.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is currently studying at an art or design school (any department, any semester) is very welcome to join! The Camp was originally planned to host people from schools from different countries. However, this will now depend on travel-restrictions due to Covid-19 during the time of the Camp.

How can I apply? How do you choose applicants?

We don’t want to start a competitive application process. As soon as the application process starts, we will upload an online-document with some questions to answer. There's no wrong answers as these questions will help us to find out about your motivations and expectations. We are already looking forward to reading them.

I can only come for a shorter time – is it possible?

No, coming for a shorter time unfortunately is not possible. We are sorry if this keeps you from participating. Yet from our experience with workshops we took part in, we believe that the atmosphere inside a group profits a lot from arriving and leaving together.

If you cannot attend the whole time because of any care-taking or care-giving tasks that you have, please write us. We can think about possible solutions together.

How much does it cost?

We will try to organize more fundings during the time of the postponement. So that – hopefully – the participants would only pay little money or in the best case won't pay anything. We will update you here, as soon as we have more information on the costs.

How will the food and the sleeping situation be organized?

The building includes 2 apartments with rooms with single beds and double beds that can accommodate up to 15 people. The apartments each have their own kitchen and bathroom.

We will decide together on the sleeping situation before arriving. If you already know, that you need/prefer a specific sleeping situation (single bed/single room), please let us know via email and we will try making it possible.

We are inviting Ronja, a friend who is a very good cook, event and workshop designer and design-researcher, to facilitate the catering. Ronja will also develop a corresponding workshop. We will support Ronja collectively to provide culinary care for each other.

We will ask you about allergies and special diets before arriving, if you have any questions before, please get in touch with us by email.

Can you provide for my needs?

If you are interested in participating, please contact us about your needs. This includes topics as barriers/accessibilities, allergies, child care, care takers, etc.

Our budget is very limited and we don’t have a lot of experience with hosting events yet, but we will do our best to make the Camp as accessible as possible.

We are currently planning for the workshops to take place upstairs, but there is also a wheelchair-accessible ground floor and bathroom we can use. There are sleeping opportunities on the ground floor, but there are no wheelchair accessible beds. If you would need one, we would do our best organising one.

The bathrooms are gender neutral. There is a children friendly room in M.1, but there is no child care organized yet. The nearest public transport is 100m away. There is free parking in front of the building.

Who is organizing the Camp? What is your motivation?

We're Anna, Marie (both MA Design) and Charlotte (BA Fine Arts), friends and art school students at HFBK Hamburg. Together we organise the project In the Meantime. We started thinking about the camp about 1,5 years ago. It developed out of our experiences in art school, where we experienced a mostly competitive, isolated environment, that we were unhappy with. During the Camp we want to reflect on the status quo and look for ways how we can create a space together that is supportive and caring. We want to enjoy learning from and with each other while respecting our limits.

The Camp format has the potential to create meaningful, long lasting relationships and networks. Sharing your sometimes negative experiences can be difficult (like talking about being lonely or being turned down for a scholarship etc.). With the In the Meantime Camp we want to create a safe, positive, supportive environment that can help us to do so.

During the last year we organised a number of workshops and events with In the Meantime, which you can find in the archive section of the website. These will give you an opportunity to gain insight into our work process. 

Further Questions?

You are invited to write us more questions in the chat on this website or contact us via email.