Working Together: Being slower than expected

  • Jul 2020
  • How to Work Festival

  • Workshop

We were invited by the How to work festival to host a workshop on collaborative work and exploitation. During this workshop, we were taking the time to reflect on the emotional/care/organizational work that underlies every group process and that we often don't value much. Therefore we divided into small groups, talking about different questions regarding roles and tasks in the process of working together. Later we came back together for a collective visualisation and collection of thoughts.

How can we address the different needs that exist within a group? Are there invisible (power) dynamics in groups and what are strategies to make them more visible? How can we recognize the complexity of processes that are taking place within a group (below the surface)? How can we adapt to different speeds? How can group work become more joyful (again)?

*This set of questions is inspired by the Zine #6 “Sick Time, Crip Time, Caring Time” by the Feminist Health Care Research Group.

Screen capture of our collective visualization


Screenshot: Kayoung Kim