In welchem Raum/an welchem Ort der Hochschule hälst du dich am liebsten auf?


  • Anonym

    2021-08-25 16:24

    Ich bin am liebsten in leeren Fluren weil da niemand ist. Außerdem mag ich das Graffiti. Auch beliebt ist das Klo weil man es abschließen kann.

  • Anonym

    2021-08-25 18:02


  • In the Meantime

    2021-08-26 12:56


    schön dass du/ihr auf unser Projekt aufmerksam geworden bist und danke für deine Antworten im Chat. Die Fragen waren ein Relikt aus unserem letzten Workshop und es war geplant, dass sie während des Workshops beantwortet werden. Wir haben sie erstmal offline genommen, um unseren neuen Workshop (s.o.) anzukündigen. Wenn du Lust hast, dich weiter mit uns auszutauschen und von deinen Erfahrungen an der HFBK zu erzählen, kannst du uns gern eine E-Mail schreiben. Wir können uns auch gerne mal auf einen Kaffee treffen :)
    Unsere E-Mail:

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Hello, how are you?


  • Anna

    2020-11-26 17:13

    Hello everyone! I am excited today and a bit nervous. Feels really good to make the website public now

  • Elisa

    2020-11-26 17:14

    Hello :) I'm relaxed and not really prepared but happy to see you all!

  • mona und helene

    2020-11-26 17:15

    heiter bis wolkig

  • Josi

    2020-11-26 17:17

    Hey! The website looks really nice, inviting and friendly (that's a word I have not used in a long time referring to design haha)! Easy to understand and navigate …
    I feel a bit tired, slow and cozy today … like a bear who is more than ready to go into hibernation ***

  • Megan

    2020-11-26 17:17

    Hello, well. I'm looking forward to watching the chat/comment 'garden' grow!

  • Laura

    2020-11-26 17:20

    I’m fine. Bit stressed out, my kid was at home for some days. Now I try to get some work done..but I should rather drink a wine with you.

  • Susann

    2020-11-26 17:35

    Heyy! The website looks great it is easy to navigate!
    I'm good. Just had a walk in rain and now enjoying the music and warm tea.

  • Anne

    2020-11-26 21:38

    Hej :) Your website looks great, so excited for your next projects and the camp!

  • Julia

    2021-02-14 14:16

    somewhere in between madness and hope. but full of love

  • toto

    2021-02-27 18:56

    random visiting with random happiness

  • Mairen

    2021-05-13 09:32

    Hello everyone!

  • Nicolas

    2021-06-24 19:56

    hey! i am fine and this website looks awesome and like a good place to think about questions...

  • Anonym

    2021-08-25 16:33

    I am Fine. Not a fan of the upcoming semester but I will make it work.

  • Sophie

    2023-04-11 15:04


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  • In the Meantime

    2020-11-26 17:03

    Now playing: Art School, Frankie Cosmos

  • In the Meantime

    2020-11-26 17:16

    Now playing: Hello, how are you? The Easybeats

  • In the Meantime

    2020-11-26 17:16

    Now playing: Tools, Charismatic Megafauna

  • In the Meantime

    2020-11-26 17:19

    Now reading: Feminist Health Care Research Group (Julia Bonn/Inga Zimprich): Sick Time, Crip Time, Caring Time, Zine No 6 Volume 1

  • Leonie

    2020-11-26 17:22

    Leererer, inhaltsloser Ausdruck - Saalschutz

  • In the Meantime

    2020-11-26 17:23

    Now playing: Caring Is Charing ist Hering, DJ Hornhaut

  • Josi

    2020-11-26 17:24

    Muskrat Love, America

  • In the Meantime

    2020-11-26 17:25

    Now playing: Self Care, Tank and The Bangas, Jaime Woods

  • In the Meantime

    2020-11-26 17:28

    Now reading: AnouchK Ibacka Valiente (Hrsg.): Vertrauen, Kraft und Widerstand. Kurze Texte von Audre Lorde, Berlin 2015

  • In the Meantime

    2020-11-26 17:40

    We where playinng Josis and Leonies music wishes now

  • In the Meantime

    2020-11-26 17:40

    Now reading: Alex Martinis Roe: To Become Two. Propositions for Feminist Collective Practice, Berlin, Botzen, Utrecht, Amsterdam, London 2018

  • Lena

    2020-11-26 17:44

    Frollein Smilla - Klappspaten

  • In the Menatime

    2020-11-26 17:44

    Cover The Water, Jenny und Nick

  • In the Meantime

    2020-11-26 17:46

    Now playing: It's Okay To Cry, SOPHIE

  • Anonymous

    2020-11-26 17:47

    Beyoncé - Run the World

  • Elisa

    2020-11-26 17:49

    Song wish: Metronomy: love letter

  • In the Meantime

    2020-11-26 17:50

    Now reading: Simone Dede Ayivi, Zusammen, in: Eure Heimat ist unser Albtraum, Fatma Aydemir, Hengameh Yaghoobifarah (Hrsg.), Berlin 2019

  • In the Meantime

    2020-11-26 17:53

    Now playing: Beyoncé and Lenas wish :)

  • Josi

    2020-11-26 17:53

    so sad so sexy, Lykke Li

  • Inga

    2020-11-27 17:00

    Oh, eure Website sieht so schöön aus! "Freundlich" finde ich ist ein gutes Wort für Design. Ich wäre gern dabei gewesen gestern. Aber ich bin beim Kind Zubettbringen eingeschlafen. Viele Grüße und danke für die schöne Arbeit (von der Feministischen Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe)

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We're online! Any questions?


  • Alina

    2020-11-07 16:26

    Hey! I saw the camp was postponed. Is there a new plan?

  • In the Meantime

    2020-11-07 16:27

    Hello Alina! unfortunately, we had to postpone the camp but we're in the process of finding a new date next Spring. We'll put it on the website as soon as we know. Meanwhile, you can join our mailing list by writing to: We will have at least one more online event this year.

  • Charlotte

    2020-11-07 16:30

    For updates you can also check out our instagram account:

  • Jan

    2020-11-15 10:59

    Will the program be similar to the one that was planned for the camp in autumn?

  • In the Meantime

    2020-11-15 11:00

    @Jan: Yes :)

    We are hoping for better weather in spring and more time outside, but the Camp structure will still be similar: workshops and exercises, time outside, self-organized slots by participants, time to cook and relax…

  • Sebastian

    2020-11-20 13:32

    I love the initiative and website!

  • German

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