Institutional Feelings

  • Sep 2021
  • Floating University, Berlin

  • Workshop

There is a lot in the air in art and design schools: unspoken hierarchies and rules, competition and disappointments. We rarely talk about much of this. From a student position (and so also as part of the institution) we want to create space for vulnerability and look for caring and accessible ways of being with each other, which we currently missing in art school. We share our experiences from within the art school and create a big parachute (Schwungtuch) to make our Institutional Feelings visible. We will eat together, read texts, get to enjoy the floating environment and at the end, swing the parachute.

Welcoming dinner

Exchange round in the rainwater bassin at Floating University

Institutional Feelings Reader with texts from different authors

Notes taken during a conversation by Ben Shepard

Working on the parachute

Practising with the parachute (Schwungtuch)

Marie-Theres Böhmker (1, 6), Charlotte Perka (2, 3, 5), Anna Unterstab (5)