Dear You (Me)

  • Jul 2021
  • Floating University, Berlin

  • Writing Exercise

As part of the student-organised seminar Eine Krise Bekommen. Design and Mental Health at the UDK Berlin, we designed a letter workshop. The exercise is based on the text series Letter to A Future Younger Self from the zine Surviving Art School: An Artist of Colour Tool Kit by Evan Ifekoya, Raisa Kabir, Raju Rage and Rudy Loewe. Participants are invited to write a letter to their younger self who is starting to study at art school, sharing the experiential knowledge they have already gained so that it becomes productive.

Writing Exercise at Floating University

Writing Exercise at Floating University

Explanation for the writing exercise and stationery

Exchange round at the end of the workshop

Charlotte Perka (1, 2, 4) Luisa Herbst (3)