• Feb 2021
  • HFBK Hamburg

  • Letters

We, as In the Meantime, have been frequently exhausted and overwhelmed by pursuing our artistic practice lately. Sometimes we have lost sight of the fact that it is something that can bring us joy and ease. At other moments, it has given us energy and structure.

For the 2021 annual exhibition at the HFBK Hamburg, we prepared envelopes that visitors could take away. The letters give form to our reflection on the question What do we need as students in times of a pandemic? Here we also shared some text excerpts that we found helpful and inspiring. Recipients are invited to expand this incomplete collection of thoughts in exchange, e.g. by using the website's chat function or by writing us an email.

The text in image 4 is an excerpt from:
Alex Martinis Roe, To Become Two. Propositions for Feminist Collective Practice, Potsdam 2018, 201.

Shelfs with letters


Text excerpt from: To Become Two. Propositions for Feminist Collective Practice from Alex Martinis Roe

Shelfs in the corridor

Photo credit: Marie-Theres Boehmker (1 and 4)