In the Meantime: A room to read, rest and talk

  • Feb 2020
  • University of Fine Arts Hamburg (HFBK)

  • Library

As a prelude for the project, we created a temporary feminist library during the annual exhibition at our art school, HFBK Hamburg. It gave insight into the research for our project and topics as vulnerability, accessibility and institutional critique.

The visitors were invited to have tea and participate in a survey on their wishes and needs in art school, as well as a daily reading circle. In the reading circles, we connected the texts to our daily experiences. For the exhibition, we built library modules, a reading tent, and used various textiles to structure the room. We also sewed a banner and pillows and worked with an overhead projector.

Reading circle

Reading circle

Installation view of our library and handmade curtain

Installation view

Tent and pillows

Photo credit: Tim Albrecht (1-2), Elisa Goldammer (3-5)